Thursday, April 18, 2013

Telling "Fibs"

Since April is National Poetry Month, I've been reading a lot of poems and posting a number of my favorites on my Facebook page. Some have been boyhood favorites, some have been ones I studied in school, especially in my sophomore year of high school in the English class of Brother David Rogers, the very best teacher I have ever known. I even posted a link to some of my own haiku posted earlier on this very blog.
I recently came across a blog post describing a poetic form I'd never heard of before. It's called a "Fib", for the Fibonacci sequence. Well, I was intrigued by this blending of mathematics and poetry, so I had to try my hand at this. Here are my first two attempts:

based, not
on haiku,
but on sequences
Fibonacci. How cool is that?


"My name is Legion,
for we are many," said the Ones.

I like the second better than the first, and I'll be attempting more of these, I think. Feel free to make your own and share.